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Deanna Yildiz

Deanna Yildiz

Ridgewood, NY


Thank you for coming to visit my bio page and learn about me.

Who is Deanna Knauth Yildiz?

A little about my background:
Born Deanna Knauth, I married into the Yildiz name which means star in Turkish when I married my husband Kutay. I grew up in a large family of 11 brothers/sisters. We had great fun and trials growing up and moved around different areas of New York before settling down permanently in the Hudson Valley Region of Kingston, NY.

Why do I draw?
Because of all the children in my family, I really enjoyed finding private quiet time and one of the ways that I did that (besides reading) was drawing. Oh! I love to draw.

What do I draw?
Rabbits were always my favorite to draw but I also like creating characters and sometimes, as a child, even just drawing clothes like Holly Hobby might wear. I always felt happy with the animals that I drew but it was a greater struggle to draw and capture the human face. By the age of 16, I felt I had accomplished that goal and when I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, I honed my computer graphic skills as well as my painting skills. I have always been told that I do the best portrait work but I now also have amazing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills. I even dabbled with teaching those skills to others.

Any big projects I've worked on?
After 15 years of art, design & tech experience, I was commissioned to do the drawing designs for a large bronze door on a famous NYC cathedral, St. Vartan. After a 3 month back and forth design phase, after 5 years funds were raised for sculpting the artwork at super-large, over-size door size and then casting & bronzing by Setrak Agonian of International Creative Metals, Inc. Even Mayor Bloomberg came out to speak at the grand door's first opening and the Armenian dancers performed beautiful costumed dances in front of the door at the large, exciting and beautifully executed day-long event. I did feel honored to know that I was part of a great artwork that should stand through the ages.

These days, I spend my time working on either computer design/web projects for my clients or I do commissioned artwork, logos and portraits for those who contact me. I dabble in database design/programming for fun as well as hiking & camping or visiting art museums in my spare time. I like to paint shoes, clothes, walls and bags. I've been coming out with a humorous series on cats and elephants, as well as focusing more seriously on drawing animals, wildlife and portraits of homes & celebrities. I would love to illustrate a children's book in the near future.

Being an artist is a goal that I am so glad that I have accomplished and it brings me pure joy to be able to bring these imaginative & colorful works here for you to enjoy. I hope they give you as much pleasure as they do to me. I enjoy creating them and enjoying their visual appeal. I like to make people laugh and smile and to have visual beauty along with that can't be better! Part of what I like to do is show my appreciation for the beauty already present in this magnificent world.

Enjoy and don't forget to take home some of these beauties so they can uplift your world as they have mine.

Thank you for looking at and sharing my art.



A tribute to Douglas Adams by Deanna Yildiz


The Kiss by Deanna Yildiz


Elephant in Top Hat by Deanna Yildiz


Prehistoric Tree by Deanna Yildiz


This Horse Checks You Out by Deanna Yildiz


Ballet Dancer at rest by Deanna Yildiz


Knight in Detailed Armor by Deanna Yildiz


Real Elephant hug by Deanna Yildiz


My Dad as Clark Gable by Deanna Yildiz


Tribute to Marilyn Monroe by Deanna Yildiz


A Cat walked into a Bar by Deanna Yildiz


The Merry Warbler by Deanna Yildiz


The Grumpy Sparrow by Deanna Yildiz


Some Bunnies on my Mind by Deanna Yildiz


Pets - Mice on Hand by Deanna Yildiz


Pumpkin Head by Deanna Yildiz


Environment by Deanna Yildiz


The Widow by Deanna Yildiz


Midnight Dancer 1 by Deanna Yildiz


Beautiful cat by Deanna Yildiz


Kitten in waiting by Deanna Yildiz


Madison Square Park by Deanna Yildiz


Wrestling brothers by Deanna Yildiz


Blue tabby kitten with orange eyes by Deanna Yildiz


A Cat's take on habits that are hard to break by Deanna Yildiz


Hangover Santa Cat by Deanna Yildiz


Wild at Heart by Deanna Yildiz


Mother and Children by Deanna Yildiz


Bear Rider by Deanna Yildiz


Mystical Journey by Deanna Yildiz


Moon Dreams by Deanna Yildiz


Self-portrait at 22 years by Deanna Yildiz